Wireless Processing Solutions

Our Wireless credit card processing solutions can increase sales, save time, and reduce operating expenses for businesses that are outside of the normal retail environment. Our wireless terminals allow you to take payments on the road or in your office with the speed and reliability of your traditional terminal.

A Wireless credit card terminal is the best way to maintain a professional appearance while conveniently allowing you to accept transactions whevever you have a cell phone signal. With this solution you will never have to call in another transaction to your office and you will not have to take an inprint of your customers card ever again!

Wireless Service Integration

As soon as your account is approved (Typically in 24 to 48 hours) we can either send you a terminal or you can download an application available for all Android and Apple devices and start processing right away on your smart phone. There are no special fees with your service provider besides your usual data usages.

Wireless Processing Benefits

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