Mobile Phone Processing

Did you know that you could use your mobile phone as a credit card terminal? Our mobile phone solutions allow you to take payments wherever you have a cell phone signal! Email receipts to your customers and keep detailed transaction reports right from your smart phone!

Mobile Phone processing is a perfect way for a small to medium sized business to accept all major credit cards without the cost of an expensive wireless terminal. Our unique application designed specifically for smartphones allows you to key in transactions on your phone or even swipe a card through a "Swipe Device" that plugs directly into your phones audio jack!

Mobile Phone Processing Integration

It is very simple to set up your smartphone with the ability to process credit cards. All you need to do is download our processing applicaiton (Available on ITunes and Android Market Place) and register your account with a username and password that we will provide you. It is that simple! Our application is compatible with all major smart phones including Iphones, Android devices, Blackberrys, and More!

Mobile Phone Processing Benefits

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