Point of Sale Processing Solutions

Point of Sales (POS) systems require a connection to a merchant processing platform in order to be able to process credit card trasactions in real time. A POS system uses an in-between known as a gateway. The most popular gateways are Authorize.net and Charge Anywhere. We have the ability to integrate with 99% of all POS systems whether custom built or the most popular POS systems such as Quickbooks and Counterpoint.

Most POS companies such as Quickbooks come packaged with their own credit card processing solution. However, since the processing portion of the program is packaged with the POS system and competition is minimal, typically you (The Merchant) are grossly overcharged with high processing rates and transaction fees. This is where we come in.

Point of Sale Integration

Our unique software allows us to integrate with 99% of all POS systems. Integration is 100% and absolutely seamless! Nothing will change with how you process credit cards except the discount rate and transaction fees. We will save you a fortune!

Our Point of Sale System Package Benefits

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