Merchant Cash Advance Program

Lately, it has been very difficult for merchants to obtain financing from tradtional lending institutions. Without having access to capital business growth has become stunted. Our program allows you to borrow capital based on the future receivables of your business with an extremely flexable repayment schedule. Best of all our program has nothing to do with personal credit, just the worth of your business!

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How Our Program Works

A Merchant Cash Advance is very simple. We will pay you in advance for a portion of your business's future income. We can either set up a direct ACH program just like your typical bank loan or we could take a small percentage of your credit and debit card receivables. We get paid only when your customers pay you.

  • -Obtain Capital in 3-5 Business Days!
  • -95% Approval (Credit Not a Factor!)
  • -Repayment Based on Future Sales

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Partnering with Protec

Partnering with Protec Merchant Solutions means fast and easy access to working capital for your business. Whether you need new equipment financed or would just like some extra cash on hand we can help! Approval is NOT based on personal credit, the application processes is very quick, and there are no restrictions on what the funds can be used for!

  • -Purchase new equipment
  • -Expand or remodel
  • -Pay for inventory or supplies
  • -Pay taxes or settle past-due accounts

For more information on obtaining a merchant cash advance and specific examples Click Here or click below. Learn More

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