Mail and Telephone Order (MOTO)

MOTO merchants are merchants that do not have physical possession of the customers card when processing a transaction. The rates and fees associated with MOTO accounts are generally higher then what are charged for traditional retail "Card Present" merchants. The typical merchants that falls into this category are wholesalers, membership based businesses, and merchants that sell products over the phone.

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How It Works

MOTO accounts are set up in the exact same manner as a retail merchant. The only difference between the two is the fact that the card is not physically present. The most common methods of accepting payments in this manner is with the use of credit card terminal (Keyed Transactions), POS Systems (Quickbooks), and online gateway accounts.

  • -Choice of Terminal, Gateway, or POS System
  • -Extremely Easy and Fast Set-Up
  • -24 Hour Funding

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Getting Started

Is is extremely easy to get set-up with accepting credit cards as payments from your customers. An application needs to be completed and once approved (24-48 hours) we will either set you up with a new credit card terminal, integrate our services with your POS system, or set you up with the ability to process transactions online.

  • -Fast application process (24-48 Hour Approval)
  • -Next day funding availability
  • -Online transaction manager
  • -24 Hour Customer Service

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