Gift and Loyalty Program

Gift and Loyalty Programs are a great way for a business to promote their brand and acquire new customers. Loyalty cards are used to reward your customers that keep coming back and Gift Cards are a great way to acquire new clients! Best of all is the fact that on average 10% of a Gift Cards value is never spent. This translates into great advertising and 100% profit on the unused funds!

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How It Works

A traditional Merchnat account is required in order to accept gift and loyalty cards from your customers. The Loyalty cards are set up to accumulate points for every dollar spent and once benchmarks are hit by the customer you can award them with a percentage off their next purchase or a pre-paid gift card. Gift cards are used in the same exact manner as a regular credit card accept funds are loaded on to the card either by phone or directly on the credit card terminal.

  • -Free Advertising and Brand Recognition
  • -100% Profit on Unused Funds
  • -Incentive for Customers to Return

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Getting Started

In order to get started offering gift and loyalty cards to your customers a brief one page application needs to be filled out in addition to a merchant account being set-up. If you already have a merchant account with us we can set you up with Gift and Loyalty cards within 24 hours for semi-customized cards and 5 days for fully customized cards!

  • -Fast application process (24 Hour Approval)
  • -Fully Customizable Cards
  • -Online transaction manager
  • -24 Hour Customer Service

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