Dual Comm Processing Solutions

A Dual Comm credit card terminal allows you to process transactions over the internet or buy phone line. Our Dual Comm terminals process transactions faster than any other method in the industry. Swipe a customer card and get an Authorization in literally seconds. A perfect solution for a very busy business!

If for any reason the internet goes down our Dual Comm terminal will automatically dial through the phone line making sure that you will never have to turn away a customer due to a "Technical Issue". Dual Comm terminals are leading the marketplace with their efficiency and speed.

Dual Comm Terminal Integration

Dual Comm Terminals require an active internet connection to process card transactions at lightning fast speeds. If you have a computer in your office that has an internet connection then you are ready to go! Terminals come plug and play so all you have to do is plug them in and start taking transactions. There is absolutely no downloads or set-up required.

Dual Comm Terminal Benefits

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