Dial Up Processing Solutions

Dial-Up Terminals, also called analog terminals, are the most commonly used machines in the industry. They are exteremely easy to use and only require a phone line to process transactions which can be shared with a fax machine. Analog terminals have increased in speed and reliabilty tremendously over time and are extremely efficient at processing thousands of transactions a day on a single machine!

Dial up terminals are the most reliable terminals available. Phone lines almost never go down compared to a Dual Comm Terminals (which is why Dual Comm Terminals default to the phone line if the internet goes down!).

Dial Up Terminal Integration

Dial Up (Analog) terminal require only a phone line to get started accepting credit card transactions. If you do not have a dedicated phone line for your terminal you can share the same line you use for your fax machine with a line spliter! Our terminals also come plug and play so all you have to do is plug them in and start taking transactions. There is absolutely no downloads or set-up required.

Dial Up (Analog) Terminal Benefits

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