Credit Card Processing Equipment

Dual Comm Terminals
Dual Comm Terminals allow you to accept credit card payments over the internet and over an analog phone line on the same machine. If you are a business that processes a high volume of transactions daily and speed is an issue then this terminal is the one for you.   Read More
Mobile/Wireless Terminals
A Wireless terminal gives you the ability to accept payments where you would not have the ability to plug in a terminal to a powerjack and phoneline. Wireless terminals allow you to easily accept credit cards wherever you have a cell phone signal. Our Wireless terminals are typically used by businesses that have annual sales events such as trade shows that need speed, reliability, and efficiency.   Read More
Dial-up Terminals
Dial-up Credit Card terminals are the most basic terminals available. They are highly efficient, they process transactions very quickly, and they are very easy to use. Dial-up terminals are also the most widely used terminals in the marketplace. A perfect solutions for all card present retail businesses.   Read More
Smartphone Solutions
The best way to take payments on the go for a small business is with a mobile phone applicaiton. Our application allows you to take payments directly on your smartphone with or without the use of a credit card swiper (The swiper plugs directly into your audio jack!). Smartphone solutions are perfect for service based businesses such as pool companies or landscapers.   Read More
Internet Solutions
We have a wide variety of Internet processing solutions that allow merchants to accept payments from any device that has an internet connection and a functional web browser. Our virtual terminal is very easy to use and can be used to connect directly to your website's online shopping cart.    Read More
Point of Sale Systems
Our Point of Sale (POS) software allows us to intergrate with 99% of all POS systems from Quickbooks to your own custom built software. Integration is completely seamless with no change at all to the POS system you are using! Enjoy far superior credit card processing rates with the same functionality.   Read More