Check Guarantee

Our check guarantee program ensures that you never have to worry about cancelled or bounced checks again! You can avoid awkward and uncomfortable conversations with your frequent customers that may have accidentally overdrawn on their accounts. This is an absolute must have service for merchants that accept checks on a reqular basis.

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How It Works

Our Check Guaratee program works along side your credit card processing account. Processing a check is very similar to processing a customers debit card. When you enter a checks information into our system a live authorization is generated and the funds are immediately put on hold at the merchants bank. You can automatically tell if a check is good just as you can with a credit and debit card.

  • -Check acceptance with No Risk
  • -Avoid Embarassing Conversations with Customers
  • -More payment methods equals more sales

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Getting Started

Our check guarantee program requires an exising merchant account which will take 24-28 hours to set up and is completely free. The check guarantee portion can be set-up at the same time as the merchnat account. If you already have an account with us set-up typically only takes 24 hours. You have the option of either calling in the checks through our customer service department or using a check reader machine that authorizes the transaction the same way a credit card terminal does with credit cards.

  • -Eliminates bank charges for check deposits
  • -Eliminates returned check fees
  • -Online transaction manager
  • -24 Hour Customer Service

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